Our Sponsors

We are grateful for the generous support of the following people and organisations, thanks to whom our work in central Tanzania continues:

Luhomero Sponsors

U.S. Fish and Wildlife, African Elephant Conservation Fund

Anglia Ruskin University

Nyumbanitu Sponsors

Idea Wild

Mwanihana Sponsors

Alex Piel & Fiona Stewart

Gerry Ohrstrom

Pete Hudson

Rosalind Salter

Elisabeth Anker, in honor of Bridget & Bella Barnett

Michele Orlandi, in honor of Antonella Valle

Walt Nowak

Gologolo Sponsors

Moira Varney

Terry, Louisa, Zachary & Charlie

Carole Lowe

Helen Peeks

Flemming Pagh Jensen

Andrew Marshall

Leah Collett

Susan Alberts

Ray Gamble

(In-) Kind friends of UEP

Andrew Perkin and Nike Doggart

Luhomero (2570 m), Nyumbanitu (2305 m), Mwanihana (2150 m) and Gologolo (1870 m) are major peaks in the Udzungwa Mountain range.

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