Elephants and connectivity at Arusha conference

Loss of wildlife corridors in Tanzania copy

Hi all, we just returned to Udzungwa from Arusha where we were attending a stimulating conference for conservation scientists from around Africa and beyond. I gave a talk about wildlife corridors around Tanzania, and around Udzungwa in particular, with some thoughts and ideas on how to practically implement connectivity conservation (drop me a message if you want the pdf of the talk). They seemed to go down well, and stimulated some good discussions afterwards. I updated people on the situation with the Udzungwa-Selous corridors – there is a positive land use planning process ongoing down in the Ruipa Corridor – and it was good to hear about some projects that are going on, or are in the pipeline, elsewhere in Tanzania.

Back in Udzungwa, and we are full steam ahead with planning and supporting the new human-elephant conflict mitigation project. No doubts about the need to tackle this problem: last night there were three elephants stood outside the house of UEP field assistant Jose, 500m from the forest… As usual, they were back in the forest by dawn.

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