Monthly Archives: August 2010

Survey up Mwanihana Peak

Our survey up to Mwanihana Peak from the base camp “GMP” provided further evidence that Udzungwa elephants climb steep hills. In the montane bamboo zone at ~2000m elevation, we found them eating the reddish bark of what resembles a date palm and is locally known as “ukindu” (identification pending).  By coincidence, we shared the camp […]

Swamps of Ng’ung’umbi, Northern Udzungwa Mts. NP

We are just back from surveys in high elevation (>2000 m) swamps, forest and bamboo south of Mbatwa and Msosa villages and ranger posts. It is a breathtaking area! The swamps and surrounding environs are an elephant hotspot – we had a higher encounter rate with elephant dung and sign than the other sites we […]