Monthly Archives: April 2010

Our field note in the journal Pachyderm

Our field note on using dung bolus diameter to estimate elephant age in the Udzungwas has been published in the journal Pachyderm. The journal cover sports a photograph of an Udzungwa elephant taken by our friend and colleague, the talented photographer and herpetologist Michele Menegon.

Mammoth Dung in the news

It appears that even ancient Proboscidean dung can lead to information on the animals that deposited it. Preserved fungal spores found in the dung of mammoths are now being used to investigate reasons for the mammoth’s extinction. You can read more on this at: Considering the size of some of the piles we come […]

Two more uses of elephant dung: fuel & mossie repellent

Dried buffalo dung was used for fuel by Native Americans, so why not elephant dung? Well, villagers living near Bandipur National Park, India do use elephant dung for fuel. ‘Wood-cutting being prohibited, mounds of elephant excrement help poor villagers as a means of essential fuel,’ says Researcher and All India Radio Broadcaster Dr. Jyotsna Kamat, […]

Dung, glorious dung

3 dung-boli. To investigate elephant population demography, we are using a method for estimating elephant age from dung-boli diameter using a model developed in Amboseli National Park.

Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre

Our bungalow at UEMC The Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre (UEMC) – which acts as our base – was established as a research facility in 2006 by our long-time collaborator Dr. Francesco Rovero of Trento Museum of Natural Sciences, together with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). UEMC’s research community is growing each year. UEMC’s current manager Arafat […]